Tiffany Mine

“Scarlet helped me make some great changes to my diet by providing insight, support and detailed materials for me to work off of. Before meeting Scarlet, I felt like I didn't know much about meal planning, which organic fruits & veggies to buy or how often I should be exercising. But thankfully, she set me up with a full-fledged health & wellness plan that even included delicious recipes (the paleo chili and smoothie recipes are my favorites!) and helped get me into a good routine. I feel like I've gotten into a good rhythm with my diet and also feel that much more educated about what I'm putting into my body.” 

Young Han

“I've never been known as a healthy person so it's even more amazing that working with Scarlet has changed my outlook on food in so many ways. From being healthier, and managing what I put into my body, but also how it makes me feel. I'm addicted to food prepping as it's a great bonding time with my fiancée and I as well as a huge cost saver over eating out during the work week. Glad I worked with Scarlet as she coached me through the cleanse. Very happy with where I'm at and how I feel.”

Sarah Herringer

“I was impressed with how comprehensive your nutrition plan was and how genuinely you wanted to know what worked/didn't work for me. I appreciated your flexibility and willingness to keep iterating the plan based on my feedback.”

Lauren Larson

“Before working with you I felt mostly insecure, unhealthy, trapped in a body that didn't feel like my own. The experience of working with you was fun and easy! I felt so supported throughout our time together. I also felt like I could tell you anything, like if I deviated (even drastically) from the plan and you didn't get frustrated with me. It made it so easy to keep at it! I am now so much more aware of what food does to my body. I can see and feel the direct impact of eating a salad vs. a donut and it has made me change the way I fuel myself. I am much more mindful of what I eat, but also don't feel constricted by a "diet."


It was surprising to find that grains don't work for me! After a lifetime as a faithful carb-aholic, I never imagined that I would feel better after not eating bread. I feel like for the first time I eat like an adult. I think the biggest breakthrough for me was eating mindfully and not just indulging in every craving. Also, losing about 15 pounds was an awesome bonus :) Thank you so much for everything.”

Cassidy Ginivan

“I have known Scarlet for 20 years and she is one of my most favorite people in the world. In 20 years of friendship, we have supported and celebrated each other through every facet of life: from first boyfriends to husbands; from wild college years to motherhood; from less-than-fulfilling careers to pursuing our passions.


The greatest passion we have shared, and our favorite topic of conversation over the years, is health. Wellness. What it is. How to achieve it. How to find that "I just feel good in my body" feeling and make it a lifestyle. Scarlet is my go-to person when I feel a little lost in my own pursuit of wellness. She offers an impressive wealth of knowledge about nutrition and self-care. More important than that, she manages to help me always get to the heart of what I am looking for. We go well beyond conversations about what to eat and when (though those are certainly helpful!) and also dig into matters of the heart and spirit. Because, let's face it, how we look, feel, and move on the outside can only ever be a reflection of how we feel on the inside. If our bodies are flowers, our spirits and hearts are their roots. Scarlet reminds me to water my roots so that I can thrive and grow.


Scarlet is an incredible and passionate nutritionist. She is also an instant-friend to pretty much anyone who meets her. She is compassionate and smart, which is really a winning combination (and a necessary one) in a nutritional counselor. For anyone seeking a major lifestyle overhaul or just a little fine-tuning, reach out to her. We all need a mirror, a friend, and a mentor from time to time. She is my go-to person. Scarlet, THANK YOU, for the countless ways you've helped me find and be my best self over the years.”

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