Around 16 weeks I FINALLY stopped feeling nauseous and half-alive for the majority of each day, and I began enjoying food again with the energy to prepare it.

I thought about doing a blog post about what I ate in my first trimester, but it was pretty much the same thing daily. I.e., anything I could find at an organic hot food bar that didn't give me the gag reflex, Fork and Salad's lamb chili, lemon water, pregnancy tea, frozen strawberries, and extra cold fruit smoothies. With trimester two underway, and nearing my half-way mark, I feel like I can now actually write about what I've been feeding baby and me.

Since stabilizing my blood sugar has always been VERY important for my physical and mental/emotional health, I try to eat within 30 minutes of waking up. I find that if I wait much longer, my blood sugar, mood, and energy drop drastically. I'll usually go for one of these two breakfast variations and on weekends do something with eggs or go out to brunch (and not do dishes!)

Lastly, I go into the day having an idea about what feels good for my body, but I'm never rigid about my food intake, especially healthy carbs from fruits. I don't go overboard, but I will enjoy papaya or kumquats (for vitamin C), an extra bowl of berries, figs, or anything else that calls to me. Pregnancy is about tuning into your body and your baby :)

1) Super Baby Blueberry Smoothie

Chock full of healthy fats (inc Omega 3's), highly digestible protein, and low glycemic carbs + a TON of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants for a healthy baby, from brain to bone

Blend until smooth!

2) Simple Whey Shake and Organic Berries

Cassidy, my best friend of 21 years, gave me this super simple (and delicious) breakfast idea almost a decade ago, and I've been enjoying ever since :)

Put ingredients in a shaker bottle and shake up. This one is my on-the-go breakfast that always leaves me feeling energized.

Pair this with organic low glycemic berries of choice (raspberries, blueberries, blackberries are my favs). Sometimes I'll also eat berries atop a homemade coconut milk chia pudding.

Would love to hear what you enjoy for breakfast during pregnancy! Leave comments below :)

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