I have battled with my blood sugar for years. I remember before I even knew what blood sugar was, I would feel these sudden dips in energy and reach for some form of caffeine or sugar. This was college in a nutshell. Before I learned about health and my body, I was always managing symptoms, never understanding WHY I was feeling a certain way, or what was behind a string of symptoms that were seemingly unrelated. Enter Functional Medicine (more here: http://drhyman.com/about-2/about-functional-medicine/) and why this is such an incredible model of medicine, which looks at the root cause of your symptoms and how they are related, and, how to get you back in balance the least invasive way possible.

For me, the culprit was hypoglycemia which I now manage with eating at more regular intervals than my previous stints with Intermittent Fasting (IF) or other diets that focused heavily on calorie counting and eating within windows of time.

For most women, in fact, IF can have an adverse effect on weight loss in the long run bc of the negative effect it has on our hormones/endocrine system.

If you find yourself sensitive to sugars like I am, I recommend eating low on the Glcemic Index, and eating a balance of protein, healthy carbs (pumpkin, sweet potato, nuts, seeds, low glycemic fruits, etc) with the majority of your calories coming from healthy fats, which keep you sated, longer.

Some simple tricks if you find yourself hangry and upstream like I often do:

And why is it that whenever that blood sugar drops there are zero healthy options and about 1000 unhealthy ones?!

  1. Keep nuts or seeds in baggies in your car (eat ORGANIC! nuts are so often sprayed :( pecans, almonds, walnuts are the healthiest)

  2. If you know you'll be out all day, take a smoothie in a cooler along with you. My go-to mid afternoon smoothie is fat based (coconut milk and/or avocado, with protein powder, lemon/lime, kale/spinach, and any other healthy add-in - hemp seeds, lucuma, maca, tocotrienols, cacao nibs, etc). Healthy fats help to stabilize blood sugar levels for a longer amount of time, and bonus - they are beautifying :)

  3. A container of low glycemic berries or fruit (grapefruit, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries)

  4. Kombucha (this is my last-ditch-effort-just-found-myself-with-no-options option). I usually get GT's bc I trust his quality practices and get a low sugar option (ie. Lemonade, Gingerade, Trilogy).

  5. Dark chocolate (often i'll pair a square or two of 80% + dark chocolate with a kombucha in a pinch)

What do you do to curb hunger in a pinch?? Comment below!

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