Who doesn't love a green smoothie? With as much as these have gained traction in the last few years, it's hard to avoid them at this point. I was just at LAX and this guy next to me at the charging station asked, "Are you a vegan?" as he saw me nibbling on my delicious (albeit ridiculously expensive) veggies and dip from Erewhon. I'm not...but that's not the point. He said he was working on a green smoothie app which sends you daily recipes and gamifies health (insert my love/hate relationship with apps and modern tech :/ )

Green smoothies aren't rocket science. Neither is health. I get asked all the time what I think about this diet or that, or if I know about this superfood or that one. Guys/Gals - here's "my truth" - eat what grows close to home in healthy soil, eat YOUR personal balance of clean (and as least processed as possible) protein/ carbs/ fats in moderation, drink water, get in the sunshine, move your body daily, repeat. Why do we need to make so much of everything?

I think of green smoothies in the same "don't make a fuss about it" way. Step one - get a blender. Next, grab some fruit you like, throw in some greens (spinach is one of the least offensive), add a fat to make it smooth and creamy (my go-to is avocado or fresh coconut). Blend.

Really, you can hardly mess this up, EVEN if you don't consider yourself kitchen savvy. For instance, today I was simultaneously craving chocolate and rosemary. Because that's entirely common, right?? So, here's the green chocolate rosemary deliciousness that got me out the door for kid's soccer practice in five minutes plus kept me full and full of energy until dinner. I also have to note, that today the substitute coach didn't show, so my husband and I took a stab at herding 7 five-year-olds with soccer balls around the field in some coherent and educational way, with neither of us having any experience in coaching, let alone soccer. Credit where credit is due, green smoothie. Thanks for the moxie to willingly volunteer myself to be pummeled with soccer balls as the lone goalie to a bunch of munchkins kicking way too hard for their age!


Chocolate Rosemary Garden Smoothie

*1/2 avocado

*3 cups coconut milk

*2 Tbsp Cacao

*1 tsp maca powder

*1 tsp spirulina

*1 cup spinach

*2 sprigs rosemary

*whey protein powder (optional, or sub whatever protein tickles your fancy)

Blend up! Drink with presence. Enjoy the moment.

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