I reconcile daily what I want, with not wanting to do in order to get what I want.

Today, I WANT to feel fit, flexible, strong, energized, and clear-minded.

What I DON'T want - is to run, or do any exercise whatsoever.

For one, the temperature is somewhere around 50 degrees outside (I know... I'm probably just a wimp but I'm used to Maui weather :/ ) and the other option is putting on a HIIT or Tracy Anderson video on YouTube and feeling like a total loser in front of my boyfriend while he works on the couch and "promises" not to watch. Nope.

Clearly the better option is the run, and I convince myself that if I layer enough it will actually be good to get some fresh air and sunshine.

The thing is, 3 weeks ago I was ON IT. I did 20-40 minutes of exercise daily and my body was coming back into balance after another stint of inactivity. Then the flu hit. Actually it was more like the plague and it hit my boyfriend, then both my kids and then me. I pulled through the first few days and was feeling better and then it mutated or something and came back for me with a vengeance.

For last 3 weeks doing laundry and cleaning dishes was more than enough.

Now I'm back to my health, but that motivation I once had to wake up and move has been sucked bone-dry by 3 weeks of almost complete inactivity.

I tell myself this - it starts with day 1. Im really not trying to go all YouTube health-enthusiast on you (because those people should die) but I am saying that it really does just take JUST 1 day to start a new pattern.

Im a big, BIG fan of short term goals. Ask me where I see myself in 5 years and I got nothin, but 1 day - I got that shit. If you just commit to running for 20 minutes today, then make that same commitment tomorrow, and the next day. Soon you'll have strung together a pretty great routine without having to call it one. Often times, when we define a new habit or commitment that we say we'll stick to 100% (like "NEVER eating chocolate again") we just set ourselves up for failure. Make the best choice for you and your health right now. Keep making that commitment daily and see how much your body and your life will change.

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