Healthy gut = healthy body. And what makes for a healthy gut? First and foremost, beneficial bacteria.

The trick to staying healthy is from the inside out and begins with having an ample amount of different strains of probiotics in the digestive tract to counteract the negative bacteria/pathogens.

The best way to get probiotics, as with any vitamin or mineral, is in a whole food form. There is an alchemy that exists within foods in their natural states that assists in the actual delivery and absorption of these probiotics that cannot be replicated by a capsule of powder. Most of the world lives without refrigeration (puts things into perspective, don’t it?) And only since the 1800’s have refrigerators been around. While they have aided us in helping to preserve foods, they have also pushed us out of using the more conventional methods of preserving, such as fermentation. Subsequently, we have lost this most valuable part of our daily diet, probiotics.

Ultimately, we can feed our bodies the healthiest forms of food we know- high mineral, antioxidant rich, and enzymatically active foods. However, if our guts are ill-equipped (ie. without enough probiotic flora) we won’t absorb these nutrients and will ultimately have a hard time digesting the food. This leads to food allergies, digestive issues, chronic illnesses, and lowered immunity among other things.

What can you do? Eat fermented foods and eat them daily. Include fermented, enzyme rich foods with every meal and watch your digestion and health transform, like a pony into a Pegasus.

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