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If you’ve heard of the diet, I’ve likely tried it. From being vegetarian for 10 years, vegan 8 of those years and a strict raw food vegan 4 of those years. I've also swung in the opposite direction of paleo and ketogenic and dabbled in just about every diet in between.


My health journey began when I was a child. I was sick much of my youth and into early adulthood. From sore throats to respiratory infections to acne and big weight fluctuations. It seemed like the more I did to control my diet, the worse I ended up feeling in the long run. I was consistently low energy, and felt in a “haze” much of the day, I just knew this wasn’t the way I was supposed to feel. This was not my best.


I kept trying the next and newest solution, often times resulting in physical, mental and emotional consequences. I tried diet pills in high-school which resulted in rapid weight loss but also left me with a benign breast tumor. I went on and off cleanses ranging from green smoothies to water fasts - gaining more weight than what I had lost during. And, I suffered daily from the mental chatter of feeling that I needed to look a certain way before I could feel happy.


Then I hit a wall. I wanted so much to feel great, but I was sick of strategizing how to get there, and tired of trying and failing over and over. I realized I had lost trust in myself and in truly knowing what was best for me.


My passion for health grew from this rock bottom place of “nothing is working!” I began to use myself as a living experiment and started from a clean slate by eliminating trigger foods (gluten, dairy and soy), exercising efficiently (less time, more results), combining food properly, sleeping effectively, supplementing with herbs, vitamins and minerals, and looking honestly at my relationship to food and cravings. All of this worked to bring me back into balance on all levels.


I solidified this with formal education and training in Nutrition and Western medicine, and a background in Eastern medicine. Combined with training in emotional eating and the psychology of food, I created my unique holistic approach to treating the whole person. This ultimately is what lead me from being sick and tired to vibrantly healthy and able to support others on their own journey.


I've worked in private practice as a personal health coach, taught nutritional and cooking classes / workshops through colleges and organizations, and have also been an internal Wellness Director for a large corporation and smaller start-up based out of San Francisco.



I work with the whole of you. My approach is not a diet, but a way of life. It’s identifying where your personal imbalances are and strategizing how to bring you back into balance.


Intuitive eating is being in the driver's seat of your own health. It's becoming in-tune with what feels the best and it's about building a relationship with yourself that you can trust.


As your nutritionist and health coach I will work with you to understand your own biochemistry. I will identify food triggers and allergies, and any other factors affecting your health. With my holistic approach we will look at everything from the foods you consume, to sleep, work, creativity, stress, and relationships, we will discover how to bring you back into alignment.


With this baseline information of where the imbalances stem, I will customize a plan to meet your individual needs and goals while being your teammate in achieving them. Over 3 weeks (the minimum time it takes to create new habits) to 3 months (the optimal time to set life changes into motion) I will carve out a personalized nutrition protocol to meet your goals and ultimately establish a foundation for intuitive eating that will guide you for the rest of your life.


I believe in the intelligence of your body and that vibrant health is your natural state of being. I believe that anything you want for your body, your health and your life is possible.


Scarlet Wells C.N.C.


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